Masjid Donation

Help us raise $130K by the end of Ramadan. The donations are spent on utilities, maintenance, salaries, dawah, and insurance. IONA’s annual budget is $300,000. Helping us meet the demands of the community is greatly appreciated.

Zakatul Mal

Collected and strictly distributed to the poor, needy, and any zakat eligible person or cause in our local community

Zakatul Fitr or Fitra

Fitra is $10.00 per person per household. Fitra money has to be paid before the day of Eid ul Fitr. The money collected goes to poor and needy people in our local community.

Adult Education Program

IONA’s Islamic Education Program for adults and youth is an educational program offered throughout the year at IONA Center, every Sunday, between 10AM - 2PM typically. Multiple semesters are offered and below you can see the currently running semester and a link to register during open registration.

The courses offered are focused on bringing the student closer to the book of Allah, the Qur'an, helping them to improve their reading skills as well as the comprehension (understanding) of it and what its meaning entails for the life of a Muslim.

Classes are held at the IONA Center (28630 Ryan Rd, Warren, MI 48092). The program is for both brothers and sisters ages 'high school' and up. There is a modest one-time $25 registration fee per semester and financial aid is available for those in need. For more information, read on.