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To apply for the Muslim Chaplaincy Program go to:, or contact Dr. Anneliese Sinnott in Admissions, at 313-831-5200, ext. 218, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday-Thursday, or email Dr. Julie Kilmer, ETS Recruitment Director, who would be happy to set up a tour of our building with you.

For additional contacts, speak to either:

Anthony Carter, ext. 212
Dr. Jean Derricotte Murphy, ext. 207
Dr. Kenneth Harris, ext. 204


Ecumenical Theological Seminary

Muslim Chaplaincy Program (MCP)
A Two-Year Curriculum
Helping others is a way of serving God.

 The Muslim Chaplaincy Program (MCP) is a program designed for Muslims to help them become chaplains. There are a great number of Muslims in southeast Michigan, but only a few who are educated and trained in the practice of chaplaincy, a profession that involves extending spiritual care and support in institutional settings.

The MCP program will prepare the participants to facilitate or accommodate the religious and spiritual needs of Muslims and people of other faiths.

The goal of the MCP program is to train students to become spiritual caregivers and to prepare them for contributing to public discourse on ethical and spiritual issues.
The chaplaincy skills will enable them to offer spiritual guidance and care in a specific institutional context, such as a military unit, a college campus, a hospital, or a prison.

A chaplain is a bridge between local Islamiccenters and the wider community.

 The MCP program is the fruit of mutual trust and partnership between ETS and Muslim community leaders under the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC). Both believe that there is a need to develop mutual respect and cooperation among faith groups leading to a much desired harmony, tolerance and pluralism in the society.

ETS also offers a master’s degree in chaplaincy For more information contact Dr. Urias Beverly


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