YOU - Youth of Ummah

IONA recognizes the challenges the youth face as they enter high school environment. Among such challenges are, sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol, smoking, peer pressure, depression and teen pregnancies. The Youth of Ummah (YOU) has developed a fun, inspirational, and creative program for high school age and up.

The objective of YOU is to provide mentorship to Muslim youth with their daily life struggles; help fulfill the youth’s specific physical and spiritual needs while offering a fun interactive and motivational programs; help the youth find a balance between culture and religion within the American context; and to freely discuss private matters in confidence with YOU trained mentors.

The mission of the Youth of Ummah (YOU) is to attain the pleasure of God by:

  • Providing an environment for brothers and sisters to express themselves;
  • Creating a diverse and supportive network of youth;
  • Fostering purification of hearts and minds;
  • Mentoring youth in education, leadership and activism in North America;
  • Developing a well-balanced character based on Islamic teachings; and
  • Engaging youth in community dialogue and transformation.

The YOU slogan is F. I. T.

Fraternal | Inspirational | Transformational

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