Zakat Calculator

Your Zakat Amount Due is calculated at 2.5% of your total Zakatable (Eligible for Zakat) amount only if your total Zakatable Amount is equal to or above the nisab. If you have a nisab value from a different date (click here for historical gold prices) or have your own nisab value from a different source, enter it on line 2.

Should you have any questions about Zakat please contact the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) ·  Fatwa Hotline - (916) 239–6233.



Current Nisab Value:
Nisab value is price of gold per ounce x 3 - click here for price of gold today


Cash on hand and in back accounts (savings, checking, etc):
Non-delinquent loans (money you loaned to others):
Value of gold, silver and precious items:
Value of shares and stocks:
Net value of IRA, 401K, pension funds if liquidated as of the zakat payment date (adjusted for taxes and penalties, if applicable):
Business cash on hand and in banks plus invoices due:
Net value of business inventory and trade goods:
Equity in investment real estate:
Total Zakatable (Eligible for Zakat) Amount:
Your Zakat Amount Due: