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Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) Holds 43rd Annual Award Gala Celebrating Human Dignity and Justice

[Warren, MI] – The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) convened its prestigious 43rd Annual Award Gala last night at Marygrove College, marking a momentous occasion in advocating for human dignity, justice, and equity. The event commenced with an inspiring invocation delivered by Imam Mustapha Elturk, Ameer of IONA, and an esteemed advisory board member.

During his invocation, Imam Elturk offered heartfelt prayers for the Palestinians enduring hardships in Gaza and the West Bank, urging an end to dehumanization and conflict. Drawing inspiration from the story of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom, he invoked the spirit of liberation, hoping for freedom and peace for the Palestinian people in the Holy Land.

Keynote Speaker, Erin Keith, Managing Policy Council for the Detroit Justice Center, delivered a powerful keynote address, underscoring the Center's commitment to partnering with communities to foster economic opportunities, transform the justice system, and advocate for fair and equitable cities.

The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights remains steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness, fostering advocacy, and promoting education on human rights and environmental issues. MCHR stands resolutely against any forces that suppress human dignity, freedom, and justice, both locally and on a global scale.
Established as a beacon of hope and advocacy, MCHR actively champions the rights of all individuals and the Earth itself, embodying the spirit of equity and justice.
“The event was very well attended, and it was a privilege to offer the invocation prayer,” said Imam Elturk. “The audience is well tuned to the human rights abuses here, in the United States, and abroad particularly in Palestine,” he added.
As a social justice activist, Imam Elturk, a founding member of the American Human Rights Council, is determined to stand in solidarity with organizations and people of conscience to free people from human rights abuses, restoring dignity to the people and support all causes for freedom, democracy, and justice.
IONA’s mission is to transform its members and help transform the surrounding communities to righteous, God-fearing people, who collectively strive for the highest moral standard and constantly seek forgiveness from our Creator to earn His pleasure. We seek His compassion and mercy in this life and in the hereafter. We rejuvenate our soul through internal struggle and spiritual exercise in worship of our creator God. The strength of our belief in God gives us the courage to establish good and forbid evil, thus promoting a system of justice for all mankind.