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Poor People’s Water Board In Lansing

Activists from the Poor People’s Water Board coalition went today to the State Capitol, Lansing, to lobby for a new set of bills centered around water rights.
State Senator Stephanie Chang, a key legislative leader for water justice, co-sponsored many of the bills. State Senator Paul Wonjo, from Warren, also helped to sponsor.
In an effort to gain bi-partisan support, activists including IONA’s Detroit Outreach Director William Antoun visited each state senator’s office and delivered a folder with concise information on the bills that had been introduced and those that were yet to be introduced. They spent time speaking with the administrative assistants of each senator to insure they understood what the water lobbyists were seeking support for.
Several meetings were also scheduled with senators and their staff to discuss the importance of these proposed changes to laws around water rights here in Michigan. Some of the issues the proposed legislations would address are: to declare water a human right, create a water affordability plan, hold water providers accountable, protect vulnerable people from water shutoffs, protect children from lead in water, decriminalizing re-connecting of a home’s water source, and to create a water ombudsman.
The day ended with lots of success in conveying the issues of Michigan constituents around these very serious water rights issues and a lot of positive responses in gaining bi-partisan support for passing these bills into law.
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