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11th Annual Islam Conference: The Prophet’s Farewell Sermon : Lesson learned

Welcome to IONA’s 11th Annual Islam Conference. We hope you benefit and enjoy tonight’s program. Share this livestream with your family and friends. The Farwell sermon or, Khutbatul Wada’ is the Prophet’s last sermon delivered on the day of hajj in the 10th year after hijra, 632 C.E. The Prophet (SAW) concluded his 23 years of unflinching, backbreaking effort of propagating and establishing the deen of Allah (SWT) with a sermon full of gems of wisdom that deserve to be constantly reflected upon. The sermon included the individual and collective aspects of life. What lessons can we learn from the last words of the Prophet (SAW)? We invite you to join our esteemed speakers as they share their insights on the Prophetic gems of wisdom.

Speakers : Amir Abdulmalik Ali, Imam Aly Lela, Sr.Mahreen Abid, Shaykh Mohammed Ishtiaq and the Ameer of IONA Imam Mustapha Elturk

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