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7th Annual Women in Islam Conference – Empowered Muslimah

Through ahadith and narrations we are reminded about the beloved, noble and pious women during the Prophet’s(PBUH) time. Khadija (ra) was the model wife, partner and companion. Fatima (ra) was the daughter of the best human on earth and was given the title of Queen of Paradise. How can the women of today emulate the sahabiyat (women companions) and their piety? How can the simplicity of past predecessors help us in this modern and chaotic world? How does their life relate to our life across time and continent? And most importantly, how can all of this bring me closer to Allah (swt)? The speakers will enlighten us on the sahabiyat and provide us with the foundation we need to embody their piety into our lives with respect to internal self-care, family and community.

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