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15th Annual Sirah Conference: The Hijrah and the Return to Mecca

The Hijrah (622 CE) marks a significant event in our rich history. After more than a decade of persecution in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), along with his companions were set to migrate to Medina (Yathrib) upon invitation from Yathrib’s leaders. Three important events ensued upon arrival to Medina: 1) The construction of the first masjid; 2) Establishment of brotherhood between the emigrants (Muhajirun), and the helpers (Ansar); and 3) The Constitution of Medinah and the establishment of the Muslim Community (ummah) as a sociopolitical entity for the first time. In 630 AD, after years of fierce battles with the idolaters of Mecca, the Prophet (SAW) captured Mecca peacefully, raising the banner of Islam, La ilaha illa Allah, over the Ka’bah, the heart of Islam. You are invited to join our esteemed speakers as they share the glorious moments that defined Islam and what it stood for.

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