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Imam Elturk Speaks About Rise In Hate Crimes, ISIS Threat (February 17, 2015)

(WXYZ) – The number of possible hate crimes is rising, along with the spike in terror attacks worldwide. Here in metro Detroit, Muslim community leader Imam Steve Elturk leads a coalition known as the Imam Council.
They preach peace, understanding and education.
He also works with the interfaith community to keep young people on the right path–explaining what Islam is and isn’t.
Like many of us, he recognizes the dangers of young people being radicalized online.
“Youth that do come to the mosque are perhaps more level-headed than others,” says Imam Elturk.
He is also no stranger to hate crimes, having recently been targeted. He says he heard “All kinds of slurs and hateful remarks and swear words about myself and my religion. Islamophobia is at an unprecedented height and we are working with our communities to address the issue of islamophobia.”
Imam Elturk also credits the FBI and White House for cracking down on hate crimes.