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Local Imams Are Worried About The Planned Visit By The Quran Burning Pastor From Florida (April 4, 2011)

WARREN, Mich (WXYZ) – Local Imams are worried about the planned visit by Terry Jones, the Quran burning Pastor from Florida.
He is supposed to be in Dearborn on Good Friday, April 22nd. Imam Steve Elturk and other religious leaders are urging Jones not to come. If he does they are urging local Muslims and others not to go see him.
The burning of the Islamic holy book sparked deadly demonstrations in Afghanistan and religious leaders are worried about trouble here.
Meanwhile the Police Chief in Dearborn says Jones’ visit is not a done deal because he has not worked out all the requirements of a permit.
If he does, the chief says he will have the assistance of other police agencies, both state and federal, to hopefully keep things under control.