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Warren’s Imam Steve Mustafa Elturk To Receive Interfaith Award (February 15, 2021)

WARREN — Imam Steve Mustafa Elturk, president of the Islamic Organization of North America, will receive the Robert A. Bruttell Interfaith Leader Award on Feb. 22.
Elturk is a leader of Warren’s faith community, where his mosque, the Islamic Organization of North America, is based. He co-chairs the Imams Committee of the Michigan Muslim Council and has been active in outreach to Metro Detroit’s diverse religious communities. The InterFaith Leadership Council is organizing the award ceremony.
A strong partnership formed between his congregation and the interfaith community when the mosque faced anger and resistance when first planned. The award organizers says Imam Elturk has worked to help the wider Detroit community understand what it means to be a Sunni Muslim. As co-chair of the Imams Committee of the Michigan Muslim Council he has been instrumental in actively connecting with all faith groups.
The imam has been a voice of conscience on the issue of safe, clean affordable water for the Religious Leaders Forum, affiliated with the InterFaith Leadership Council, which took a public stand on the moral issue.
The virtual event will be held at 7 p.m. and will feature interviews with each of the awardees, a presentation by a guest speaker and video about the InterFaith Leadership Council’s recent activities and accomplishments. Registration is available at IFLCdetroit.givesmart.com DION (Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network) and Fr. Norm Thomas of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Detroit will also be presented awards.
“During a year of national and local challenge and conflict, we believe that positive interfaith relationships, education and conciliation are more important than ever,” said Rev. Stancy Adams, chairperson of the InterFaith Leadership Council. “We are pleased to honor Father Thomas and Imam Elturk as unwavering positive examples of interfaith leadership in our community. The Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network brings together individuals of diverse faiths and backgrounds to develop understanding and friendships through interfaith services, cultural and educational activities.”
InterFaith Covenant Leaders (from left) the Rev. Michail curro, the Rev. Fr. Gary Shulte, the Rev. Roger Facione and Imam Steve Elturk at an event in Warren, Mich. (Courtesy Steve Mustafa Elturk)